New blog on newsgathering law and regulation

oup newsgatheringThis is a launching post for a new blog on the law and regulation of newsgathering. The blog is associated with the forthcoming text, Newsgathering: Law, Regulation and the Public Interest that is to be published by Oxford University Press in spring 2016. The aim is to note and to comment upon developments in the law and regulation governing newsgathering by journalists and others.

This website will serve as an archive of developments in these areas. The website is structured in six parts. The front-page will carry the most recent blogposts. Aside from that, all postings relevant to each of five areas of newsgathering will be collated on five pages dedicated to each theme. The themes are: (i) the public interest, (ii) the protection of sources and materials, (iii) access to public information, (iv) intrusive newsgathering, and (v) newsgathering and publication torts. These pages can be accessed through the menu at the top left of each page.


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