The Book – Newsgathering: law, regulation and the public interest


This website is published in support of the text Newsgathering: Law, Regulation and the Public Interest, oup newsgatheringauthored by Gavin Millar QC and Dr Andrew Scott. The book is to be published by Oxford University Press in spring 2016 (click through to publisher’s site here). The website will highlight current developments in the areas covered by the text, allowing readers to maintain a fully up-to-date knowledge.

The book draws together the law and other regulatory rules relating to newsgathering. Written in the post-Leveson environment, each chapter considers a specific newsgathering practice, and covers ethics, (self-) regulatory rules, common law and statutory oversight. It is the first text to cover the full range of newsgathering issues from a legal perspective.

Brief author biographies are available here.

The book’s table of contents is set out below:

Newsgathering: Law, Regulation and the Public Interest

Gavin Millar QC and Dr Andrew Scott

1: Introduction
2: Newsgathering and the Public Interest
Part One: Sources and Journalistic Materials
3: Protection of Sources and Materials: General Principles
4: Powers to Compel Disclosure
5: Covert State Powers and Identification of Sources
6: Legal Risks for Sources
7: Payment of Sources
Part Two: Access to Public Information
8: Open Government: General Principles
9: Access to Government Information
10: Access to Courts, Court Documents and Other Aspects of the Justice Regime
11: Reporting Public Protest and Events (Aileen McColgan)
12: Protection of Journalism in Conflict Situations (Conor MacCarthy)
Part Three: Regulation of Intrusive Newsgathering
13: Intrusive Newsgathering: General Principles
14: Harassment and Related Wrongs
15: Misrepresentation of Purposes and Entrapment
16: Clandestine Newsgathering
Part Four: Influence of Publication Torts on Newsgathering Behaviour
17: Publication Torts and Newsgathering Practice




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